Our Lady of Snows Church was built during 16th century in the Portuguese architecture. In 1982, Pope John Paul II raised it to the status of Basilica

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2013 Golden Car Festival Special Video

This special video of Golden Car 2013 festival is dedicated to all of the seafarers of Thoothukudi as each one of us is somehow connected to them, if not through family then by spirit. This video was complied by Peter Vaz, born in Thoothukudi but spent most of my life in Hyderabad and Chicago. Courtesy:…


Our Lady of Snows Shrine Basilica (Snows Basilica) at Tuticorin is a renowned shrine of virgin Mary stood up at seashore in the year 1582. Here we bring you all the features about our shrine basilica and its services. We welcome all people to visit this legendary shrine and get the blessings of Mother Mary. We describe the features of the church and bring you important ceremony LIVE TO YOUR EYES.

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